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Homework Help: Rotational translations between L values and spectral lines

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    The question: Given that w=h-bar(L+1)/I. Suppose that we observe spectral lines from the HCl molecule at wave numbers (in cm^-1) 85.03, 103.73, 124.30, 145.03, 165,51 and 185.86 (wavenumber here is simply in the inverse wavelength lambda^-1). What L values do these lines correspond to?

    My attempt: Knowing that w=2*pi*c/lambda I tried to set up a ratio between to wavenumbers and relate it to the original equation but couldn't find a set of integrals for L that matched my ratios. I don't know what to do.

    Please help!
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    Perhaps you just need to allow for a little measurement error. You know ω is proportional to wave number (inverse wavelength). Try graphing those wave numbers and see what you get.
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