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Runge-Kutta or Runge-Kutter?

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    I'm familiar with the Runge-Kutta methods for solving ODEs, but recently I've come across a reference to "Runge-Kutter", in which it appears to be used synonamously (unfortunately it's just a reference, the method is not stated explicitly). Is this a common typo, or is there a seperate Runge Kutter method?

    Thanks for any help.
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    D H

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    Typo. You can also find references on Runga Kutta methods, Runga Kutter methods, Runge Cutter methods. Engineers can be idiots.
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    Only to be surpassed by Homework Helpers who can't keep foot from mouth.
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    Depends on whether you are from Boston! I had a professor for Calculus I who always referred to "delter" and "epserlon".
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    My favories are "os-kil-a-tion" (for oscillation) from a calc prof and and "hoe sh*t" (whole sheet) from a Chinese physics prof. I lost a week or two figuring that one out.
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    Are you sure the first prof wasn't saying "os-kul-a-tion"? That means a kiss, as in when one curve intersects another at just a single point.
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