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Russian soliders dropped from planes without parachutes?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    There are several sites on the web that pose a physics problem that states that "the Russians" sometimes dropped soliders from planes into the snow without parachutes. (e.g. on physicsforums we have: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/parachuting-inside-bales-of-hay.792412/ ) Is this a historical fact or just a physics problem myth?
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    Doc Al

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    See: Significant Moments in Parachuting History

    "The Russians practice dropping troops from airplanes in deep snow without parachutes. There are few injuries from shock, but too many fatalities from suffocation. The concept is abandoned."

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    Meh don't believe everything you read. More likely than not it's just another retarded cold-war myth.
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    Didn't know Russians tried Kamikaze mode of "parachuting" o0)
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    Seems to me I've seen film of them dropping off wings of very low flying aircraft e.g. In 'World at War'.
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