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Safety grad school for experimental particle physics

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    I'm a senior undergrad and will be applying to grad school soon. The field I'm interested in is experimental high-energy physics. There are already about six schools I'm looking at applying to, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about possible safety schools. My overall GPA is about 3.5 (although semester-wise there's been substantial improvement, from a 3.0 my first semester to a 3.8 last semester). My physics GPA is 3.5, and my math GPA is 3.6. I'm taking the physics GRE next month, so I can't say what kind of scores I'll be applying with. My research experience is in experimental high-energy since the summer between my sophomore and junior years to the present. Are there any decent programs someone with my record could safely bet on getting into?
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    Which ones?
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    University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Tennessee in Knoxville, University of Wisconsin, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and Rutgers--not all of those are for sure, and certainly there are some there that I have little chance of getting into. Now I'm really looking for more attainable ones that still have good programs and preferably at least one decent one that I can definitely get into.
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