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Homework Help: Sampling size?

  1. Jul 17, 2015 #1
    1. hi there im a bit confused, im doing a survey of 100 respondents.
    ive asked them 5 colors to choose from ( red, green, blue, yellow and black)

    ive got these results from my survey of 100 respondents
    red = 21
    green = 36
    blue = 19
    yellow = 10
    black = 14

    2. is my sample size 100? or 5?
    how can i compute for the mean and median

    3. my first idea may sample size is 5,

    ive got 100 respondents and ive divide it by 5 so my mean is 20? am i correct?
    can someone eniighten me? i cant get the mode. i still realy dont get it
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    sorry ive posted it on a wrong section
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    Your sample size is 100. This kind of "definition" question is easily answered with Google.
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    Your sample size is 100. But since each sample is a color rather than a number, this is a non-quantitative statistic- there is no "mean", "median" or "midrange". There is a mode. It is "green".
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    Is it possible that you are using your frequency data as your random variable?
    You really can't learn a lot from that kind of analysis, though, and it doesn't sit right with me.

    If you are looking for the mean frequency, then yes, that would be 20, but you don't learn anything from that, since like you said it is simply sample size divided by # of categories.
    The median frequency is the middle one (two greater, two less).
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    ok thnks a lot..
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