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Homework Help: SAT level slope question

  1. Aug 15, 2012 #1
    Had a SAT level geometry question from a student and didn't know how to solve it. I redrew what the picture was and the question asked for the slope. I know PF better than that but don't just give me the answer bc I need to know how to solve.

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    There is not enough information on the picture. You need to specify the coordinates of two points to get the slope.
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    Perhaps we're given that the point of intersection bisects the line segment between the axes. That would be solvable. OP, is that an additional given?
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    The equation of a line is [itex]y=ax+b[/itex] for some unknown constants a and b. Since we are given the value of one of the points, (x,y)=(3,4) then plugging it into this equation yields [itex]4=3a+b[/itex]

    Just one more equation and then we can solve for a and b simultaneously. Good luck!
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