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Homework Help: Schrödinger equation - please help!

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    Hello everyone! I am a new member and please sorry for some question that perhaps were discussed here before. But realy I need your help. I am searching for methods of solving 3 dimensional Schrödinger equation. Till now in internet I coulnd't find any solution. All the papers and articles are either about 1 dimentional equation or this topic is discussed just in some article that you should pay for reading them. It is several months I am trying to find it and I am going to loose my hope. Perhaps any of you can advise some software that could be used for solving 3 dimensional equation or just can advise me an algorithm? I will be so thankfull for any help :!!)

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    There's not a general procedure for solving the 3D Schrödinger Equation (SE). I think you will get better responses if you describe for what kind of system you are trying to solve the 3D SE.

    For systems with spherical symmetry (atoms, for example) you could rewrite the SE in spherical coordinates and take advantage of the symmetry. It gets very complicated for anything larger than the hydrogen atom though so that approximations need to be used.
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    thanks a lot for your reply. I am searching for numerical method of solving Schrödinger Equation, I know there is no general method.
    There are some articles that describe such problem like

    New method for solving three-dimensional Schrödinger equation
    Melezhik, V. S.
    Il Nuovo Cimento B, Vol. 106, p.537 (NCimB Homepage)
    Publication Date:
    Bibliographic Code:
    but of course it is not possible to read them
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    Try searching the free archives first (e.g. http://xxx.lanl.gov/). Since the early 1990's many, if not most, physics papers have been posted there before appearing in other journals.
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