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Science Biographies

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    Hi all, I was just wondering if you guys know of some good books that would show previous scientists lives and how they discovered what they did.

    I'm a huge Sir Isaac Newton fan especially, but it seems impossible to find anything on him?

    Also if it's not too much, could you list your favourite science books as well or any that you could recommend (All sciences are welcome'd by me), I'd love to give them a read!!

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    Have you read James Gleick's book about Newton?

    That should be a good starting point.
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    Following link has a lot of biographies about people (some scientists are also there). I haven't seen all the videos but the ones I saw were good. And yes these are videos rather than books you wanted.
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    I highly reccommend "All the Adventures of a Curious Character" - Richard Feynman.

    It's highly entertaining, informative, and inspirational. Feynman was one of the greatest Physicists of all time, and he was a very interesting person. The book is funny, sad, and intellectually stimulating. It is the greatest Science biography book that I've ever had the pleasure to read.
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    I haven't heard about it but I will definitely give it a read! Thanks

    The link doesn't seem to be working for me. Thanks though!

    Ah good ol' Feyman, I only know of some of his works, and didn't read in depth about him too much. I will definitely pick this one up though, thanks!

    Thanks guys! :D

    Edit: The link works now! Thanks, Avichal!
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