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Science Major in American Uni's

  1. Sep 20, 2012 #1
    Hi Guys,

    So i'm a UK student who will be applying to college in the middle of next year. Along with applying to Uni's in the UK via UCAS, i also want to broaden my choices. I like the idea of using other things apart from academics in order to gauge admissions. However, truth be told, i have heard some horror stories about American uni's. Especially the fact that most of the facilities and time slots for equipment are either extremely reserved for grad students or outright banned for the undergrads to touch (guy at Caltech told me this). See in the UK, this is unheard of, and all undergrads and grads are put on the same playing field. So i'm just curious if anyone knows anything about this extreme "glass pane" thing happening in Unis such as Caltech, MIT. Just for the record, i want to do a science field such as Physics or Chemistry (not sure which)

    Thanks in advance
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    Lots of liberal art schools in the US which don't even have graduate departments, meaning that undergrads get all the attention. Look at the CollegeBoard and do a search to see wich colleges fits you best.

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