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Scientific principle about major events

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm writing a paper about major events/turning points and wanted to cite a scientific principle. Does anyone know if there is a physics (or any scientific) principal that refers to major turning points or the specific steps that lead to a certain outcome?

    Thanks so much!
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    Do you mean like a "tipping point?"
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    Tipping point is a good one, though I was hoping for something more scientific. Do you think hysteresis would work as well? Saying that a path forward is based on certain actions in the past.
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    If you let a stream of sand hit the floor, it piles up in a cone shape, eventually it gets so high that there is an abrupt landslide. I may be wrong but I think the word they use for the abrupt slide is catastrophe. They have a branch of math called catastrophe theory.

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    These are all great, thanks everyone!
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