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Scientist and Active Revolutionary? Is that possible?

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    Me and a friend are going to start a socialist movement in my country.

    He is going to be a sociologist and i wana become Electrical Engineer.

    He is more oriented in social sciences, he sucks at math, physics and chemistry and he dosent like it.

    I really like science and thats what i want for career. But i also like to know and be active about our social reality, ive even read more about politics than he do, i even introduced him to the idea.


    Can you really be active in a sociopolitical movement and at the same time be good in the career of electrical engineering?
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    Why not?
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    A revolution you say?
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    This thread is pretty fantastic. I wonder if it will be televised?
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    I think Castros day job was in dentistry.
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    Gee, and to think that a month ago you wanted to be a "https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=422488"". Now you want to start a revolution with two people.

    Since you're a young fellow, permit me to pass on some advice I got when I was younger: the thing about character is that it's more important to have some than to be one.
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    You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
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    Being an electrial engineer though, you're sure going to come up against a lot of capitalists and their profit motivated enterprises - you will probably be working for one.

    You might have to forfeit the socialist ideology for a while.
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    Yes like the one in Venezuela.

    But not stalinist socialism

    We want democracy and socialism.
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    When i started as a socialist i realized that i only had the left view of capitalism.

    So i needed to think and learn about the capitalist view of capitalism.
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    Yes something like venezuela but not the exactly the same.

    We had a revolution in the 80s that took 80000 lives, that was an armed revolution.

    USA suported with millions the right wing oligarchy and its death squads.

    Well thats another history.

    The point is if you can be a science guy and at the same time a good and active politician.
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    Read about Salvador Allende. He was a doctor and became president of Chile, democratically. According to Fidel Castro, Salvador Allende made the only pacifist revolution in the History (if I recall well his words from a speech). He was of course socialist.
    Edit: To back up my words on Fidel Castro, see .
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    You might want to do one first, then the other. Like Angela Merkel did:

    "After being awarded a doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) for her thesis on quantum chemistry[10] she worked as a researcher. In 1989, Merkel got involved in the growing democracy movement after the fall of the Berlin Wall, joining the new party Democratic Awakening. Following the first (and only) democratic election of the East German state, she became the deputy spokesperson of the new pre-unification caretaker government under Lothar de Maizière."
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