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Scope for pursuing physics masters in the US.

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    I am a second year engineering student currently enrolled in an undergrad dual degree program in BITS Pilani , India. I'm doing M.Sc (Hons.) Biology and B.E (Hons.) Chemical engineering which constitutes a 5 year long course. I am really interested in pursuing a masters degree in physics in the US, but I've had this gnawing concern for a while about my eligibility to apply for such a program. I mean, wouldn't universities in the US grant admission to students with an undergrad degree in pure physics in preference to someone like me. Would it even be possible for me to pursue a masters in physics with such an educational background? or are my fears irrational and invalid? I'd be really grateful for any sort of clarification.
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    Yes they will be more likely to choose someone with an undergrad degree in physics, but it can really depend on how much physics you actually took as an undergrad. The name of your degree isn't everything. If you got your Chemical Engineering degree but also took a ton of physics courses, or even the equivalent of a "double major" (not sure if this is possible in your program), your chances would increase greatly. I'm curious though, why are you looking to pursue a masters in physics when you are already doing other fields? Graduate schools will be asking this as well, and you will need to have an answer.
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    If you like Physics that much, why are you doing Biology and Chemical Engineering? You could be doing Physics instead. Are you certain it's not too late to transfer?
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    B.Sc or M.Sc Programs in India do not match up to the rigor, quality and hands-on experience offered by Engineering programs, and besides, I managed to secure admission to the best private engineering college in India, so I figured that might help my prospects whatever I eventually decide to pursue. At any rate, it is too late to transfer, so I have to see this through till the end. Could you help me out with how to go about this, would it really be that hard to secure admission into a good graduate physics program in the US. What about my GRE score. How much would that count? Thanks for the replies.
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