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Scrapped electrical motor -> generator

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    Something like this was on this site, but I'm still not sure if this is possible.

    I have this concept of taking old appliances, disassembling them, and recombining components in useful ways.

    I'm wondering if I can use the electric motors, in, eg, washing machines as electrical generators if I had them capturing energy from wind or flowing water. I was even thinking about making waterwheels that would be integrated into a pipe and hooked up to a fridge compressor fan. Wind (mechanical) would draw water up from a pond to a barrel or something, and then the water would be let down through the pipe, turning the waterwheel. Like a battery.

    I'm not looking for much power or anything impressively efficient. I'm talking about free components + creativity + time = useful enough.

    Any comments would help. I don't know much about physics or engineering.
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    I suggest you do research on wind turbines and then use that knowledge to adapt to your goals. Most of the motors you are looking at are poor dynamos vs DC motors will provide you with better conversion rates.
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    You would do better to alter your idea slightly. Look for alternators from junked cars.
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