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Homework Help: Searching for a particular site

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    This is probably really vague... but I'm looking for this site that was posted on these forums a looooooong time ago. It was (I think) an electrical engineer's page with a lot of articles on stuff like the definition of voltage, and basic concepts in electricity. If anyone has the link, I'd appreciate it... thanks!
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    Tom Mattson

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    Try searching the Link Directory (see menu at top right corner of main page). Someone may have put it there.
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    It wasn't the site that Maxwell posted (thanks for trying!) ... I couldn't find it in the links section either. I remember a little bit more... it was just a simple page... white background, no fancy stuff. The article dealing with voltage specifically was talking about the definition of voltage... or electricity. Something about how there was no proper definition of it... it was really interesting stuff! It's probably too vague to find... but if anyone ever remembers, please reply to this thread... (or email me ... preet.desai@gmail.com)

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