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Searching for an alloy

  1. Mar 17, 2017 #1
    Hello everyone

    I've got a youtube channel with the science behind games.
    And because of that, I'm in search for an alloy with the following properties:
    - It needs to be an alloy of at least three metals
    - At least one of them must have a greenish flame color, a bluish flame color, and a red one.
    - The product must be: non-reactive (especially to common elements), electrically conductive, strong and has an at least 1250 centigrade melting point.

    I've got no clue how to start, so anyone got a tip or clue?
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    What counts as non-reactive, and which elements do you consider?
    What does count as "strong"?

    Stupid but working approach: Take any material that satisfies the third condition. Titanium alloys are probably a good start, but use whatever satisfies your specific requirements. Add extremely tiny fractions of elements with suitable flame colors, as there was no limit given on how small the contribution can be.
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    Perhaps an alloy of Copper, Tin and lithium? Probably melts too low.

    If you are trying to make white using RGB then the ratio will also matter. Perhaps there is a better way.
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