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Second attempt at applying for PhDs

  1. Feb 27, 2012 #1

    I am currently going through the interview process for PhDs in the area of theoretical cosmology and/or particle physics.
    I completed my Mphys degree 2 years ago, so obviously my physics is a little rusty.
    I was planning to 'revise' but the application process took so much longer than I expected.
    I also wasted time applying to groups that I realised I was not interested in joining (although i still found it helpfull to go along to open days/interviews so that I could decide I definately didn't want to go down that path).
    My interviews have been going from rubbish to OK... basically given the competition I am pretty sure I don't stand a chance.

    i still have a couple of interviews left. I am wondering whether I should
    a) cancel them and reapply next year, rather than getting rejected this year and damaging my chances for next year
    b) go to the interviews, try my best, and then reapply next year

    I do not know how damaging having a failed attempt would be.
    Could i apply back to all the same places next year and expect to have the same chance as if I hadn't applied this year also?
    Do places consider you if you are applying for a second time? especially in areas as competative as theoretical particle physics and cosmology.

    By going to interviews this time around feeling so unprepared am i ruining my chances compared to if I just applied next year having had time to revise ?
    Should I cancel the remaining two interviews I have left?

    Any advice would be great thanks.
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