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Second Law of Thermodynamics and Sociology

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    To the layman 2nd law of thermodynamics states that over time systems become more "disordered." You hear a lot of people trying to argue that Evolution contradicts the second law of thermodynamics, which we all know isn't the case. But, I find it interesting that while a species has managed to evolve to the point where we're intelligent enough to explore space, our societies still aren't perfect and are chaotic as ever. As we add to our world wide society we take away from many other wildlife and weather systems on this planet which as of right now are becoming more chaotic as we speak, animal extinction, polition, climate change, natural disasters, war, and so forth.

    If there's one lesson I've lerned in life it's, "not to mess with nature." I always find that the more I try to involve my self with other issues the more likely it is that my involvement will make those issues worse. After reading a quick page on thermodynamics I find it interesting how easy it is to make comparisons to it in the evolution of species and development of societies.

    Does sociology have anything to say about this? Do societies tend to become more disordered over time as well? Something I might have to do some research on, pretty interesting I think.
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    That's a question that can't be answered.
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