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Seeking Advice on Organic Chemistry textbooks

  1. Jun 27, 2014 #1

    I have some questions about the textbooks in the organic chemistry. I have been using the organic textbooks by L.G. Wade, Clayden, and Loudon. I love those books, but I have been hearing that the textbooks wrote by Klein, Carey, Morrison Boyd, and Hornback are really good. Do I need those books to complete the introductory organic chemistry or am I fine with the books I currently have right now?
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    You forgot to mention Vollhardt, McMurry, Smith, Bruice, Brown. :biggrin:
    I believe they are all excellent text.

    What's your required text ? I'd go with that and Klein Organic Chemistry as a Second Language.
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    I second the Organic chemistry as a second language book. It is worth every penny
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    Thanks for the advice! I do have the Second Language books by Klein in my bookshelf. The required textbook is Loudon, which is not a really good textbook. How good are Carey and Hornback compared to other textbooks I currently have?
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    I looked at some of these, Klein's book looks very well organized, my gut feeling is that this is the book to learn from, and read Loudon afterwards in case it contains anything extra.

    You say you have Klein's two books? I'll post links anyway, for others who might find this post in the future:

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