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Does anyone have any suggestions for finding lists of all papers published by individual physicists?

Usually the Google machine turns up hits pretty quickly, but I've hit a brick wall looking for lists for Max Planck and Ludwig Boltzmann. is amazing, but it's pretty narrow.

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The Wiki biographies didn't list them?
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The Wiki biographies didn't list them?
Planck's only lists ten papers; Boltzmann's had none -- though, the link to his article on plato.stanford *does* have a nice-sized "primary sources" section; it doesn't look comprehensive, but it's a good start; maybe I'll plug a few more names into Plato and see if the pattern continues.

The reason I'm asking is, I just discovered that much of the Annalen der Physik archive is available on the downloads are *slow* and non-automatable, so I'm trying to cherry-pick the most relevant.
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Have you tried other , "memory-less" search engines like Cuil?

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