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Self Teaching: Linear Algebra?

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    I've taken maths up to calc III, and want to learn linear algebra over the summer.
    My school won't let me take more than 21 credits, which is what i'll be having for the next few semesters.

    I'm familiar with elementary row ops, gaussian elimination, least squares, but not much else. Is learning linear algebra doable? Or should I wait till I get an opening for the class at school?

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    I think linear algebra is well suited to learning on your own, if you're motivated and disciplined. A good standard introductory textbook used in many undergraduate courses is


    and depending on your interests, you may want to complement this with a Schaum's outline or some other source of exercises with solutions.

    If you are interested in a more theoretically-oriented, "pure math" introduction, this is a great choice:

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