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Physics Semi-sciency jobs after physics degree

  1. Jul 20, 2010 #1
    Hi Fellas,

    as the day I'm graduating is slowly but surely approaching, I've noticed I don't really have many good ideas concering future career possibilities - hoping you guys can help :)

    Ok, starting with background: I'll be graduating with a Master from one of the better universities in Germany with a good but not stellar final grade. I'm good with languages, but have little work experience apart from one or two university jobs. I really like physics, but I don't want to go the PhD route - I'm technically not interested enough for a experimental position and have never really delved far enough into theory. Also the amount of specialization scares me off, I have quite wide interests which vary often (not so good in a specialists world I know but eh...) and would prefer faster paced job than that of a fulltime physicist. Nevertheless I am still very interested in physics and its developement and forfeiting my analytical skills is not what I am aiming for.

    So to kind of sum the criteria:
    • Semi-sciency!
    • Varied work, projects with timescales < many years
    • Location flexible
    • Salary unimportant atm, but shouldn't destroy my options to change to something well paying if ever necessary
    • Doesn't have to be forever

    I've come up with something like science journalist - quite perfect to be honest apart from the whole writing bit ;). Teaching would fit aswell I guess, but I have some experience there and that isn't something for me. Apart from that I'm kinda drawing blanks - anyone got ideas?

    Thanks, Riffraff
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    How about technical sales? That would make use of your language skills. It does involve a bit of specialization, though. The money can be pretty good.

    Nice username btw :smile:.
  4. Jul 23, 2010 #3
    what about information broker specialized in science and technology?
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