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Seriously Folks

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    You know what's funny, is that in a world which has no true meaning -- of course it does, otherwise how could these very words appear before you? -- that we sure take ourselves a bit too seriously! :wink: And then you want to pin me down, in all seriousness, and claim that I'm irrational. And yet what right do you have to claim anything is irrational, if there is no meaning to begin with? What a joke! :biggrin:

    So, does meaning exist in the absolute sense? Yes! :biggrin:
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    AFAIK the only "true meaning" in the universe is from us, humans. So we are the agents that give meaning to the universe. And you say we take ourselves too seriously?
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    Do you believe that reality is absolute? If so, then everything must be based upon that, right? In which case we must ask, what is this absolute reality and, how do we derive meaning?
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    wow... that was really far out...
    so it's in the nature of the true meaning to **** everything up that they're supposed to give meaning to? sounds like a pretty bad situation to me...
    funny how humans respond so much like other animals in the majority of the things they do, if we're so special and supposed to give meaning... cause that could imply that we're acting alot on instincs and not on rational thought, which imo would be the only meaningfull thing to do...

    so, what meaning is it exactly we put into this universe? exept than being here? snails are here aswell, except they don't suffer from megalomania...
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    Do we put meaning into the Universe or, do we derive meaning from the Universe? For example, let's say for some reason we were to somehow mysteriously disappear, the Universe would still be here, right? (not unless that disappeared too?). So obviously, if there is any meaning to be had, it must be derived from the backdrop of that which already is. In which case our perceptions are merely different vantage points of the same Universal reality.
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    now, to me, the universe and we are eternal and infinite. we add our experience to the universe, and it is better for it. the universe, in turn, gives us this wonderful playground, in which we can experience.

    this physical reality has a unique meaning and/or purpose for each of us.

    olde drunk
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    Folks, meaning is a human thing. We're the ones that make up stories to pretend that the weather and behavior of animals and whatever happens to us in our lives "have meaning". The rest of the universe doesn't do that. Sure we're messed up, but a little less so than we used to be. Olde_drunk is perfectly right, the meaning of the universe is within each one of us, different for each one of us, and a part of each one's strategy for living.
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    The meaning is to exist. Every other meaning we make is just secondary.
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    What do you mean by an absolute reality?
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    Either that or just an interpretation of a more Universal meaning. Hmm ... You seemed to have lost your objectivity here. Why is that?
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