Server Is Busy ?

  1. It is really weird.
    I was browsing the forums.
    I closed the browser, openeg it again, and enter the site again.
    I got a page saying that the server is too busy (see attachment).
    And this is still showing till now (i had to make a trick to be able to actually enter the site, a trick from Hotmail).
    Is this kind of normal ?
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  3. Greg Bernhardt

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    Could be the infamous cookie issue. If you recieve that error alot, maunally delete PF cookies from your computer and reload the site.
  4. enigma

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    I had that problem when we were debugging the site.

    To avoid the problem altogether, manually log out before you close the window. The tab is kinda small. It's down at the bottom right of the screen.
  5. Okz, i will see the cookies.
    But now there is another problem, i remember i uploaded a file with the first post in this thread, but where is it ?
    (it seems the file was too big)
    The error message was saying
    "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later."
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  6. This new format is very similar to an old forum I was once signed up for-- a HSC forum. And I constantly got that message, that the server was too busy, it was a great annoyance, and so I left that forum.
    Let's hope I won't get it as frequently at PF.
  7. Another God

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    I got it too for pretty much all of yesterday.
  8. So far, so good, haven't gotten the "server is busy" message once yet.
  9. Can Anyone Solve This Problem ... I Killed My Cookies ! Not Only Deleted Them, but The Problem Stands Still ....

    Can You Set Us Free ?
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