Setting up wind power equipment

I'm a beginner at this but I'm an aspiring student of the electrical field. Electrical engineer, electrician, electronics technician. I like it all.

My question is what equipment, other than what I know already, do I need to run as much of my house off of wind power?

Wind turbines or anything that spins basically.

I know I need a converter but I want to know why I need it besides the fact that it converts DC to AC. Just a little more explanation is all. I know a little about it.

Probably a transformer. Explain why.

A circuit breaker box. Explains itself.

And wires.

What else do I need? Is there a site that can show this in a diagram?
Why don't you tell us a little more about what you already know - maybe provide some details and ask more specific questions?
your 'converter' and transformer are a single system called an inverter. and you need it because a wind turbine will generate DC power. you then use the DC output to charge a battery bank. the battery bank then feeds the inverter which you tie into your houses supply. you cannot just go to Walmart and buy a 5kw inverter and tie it in, you will need a GTI (grid tie-in) inverter or synchronous inverter. if you are in the states you will want to pick up a copy of the National Electric Code (NEC) and do some reading in there. i dont know what the regulations are pertaining to wind generation but im sure there is a section in there and anything the NEC puts regulations in for, there is a good reason.
Okay I know only what I've read so far from websites etc. I'm looking for diagrams like this

And these pictures and videos are pretty good.

So why is it that some things need a converter and others don't like a solar water sprinkler?

I just need to know how to hook things up to get free wind power and disconnect from the grid completely if possible. But I think I may have found what I need, so thanks.
disconnecting from the grid entirely will prove difficult using a DIY generation 'kit'. and you will not do it with a $600 ebay kit. i have never looked into a solar sprinkler but it must be a DC sprinkler to not need an inverter. it sounds as if you do not know many of the principles behind what you are trying to do which makes it dangerous. also remaining on the grid could prove beneficial if you do end up generating sufficient power since any surplus energy you generate can be sold back to your power company.

do a little research on power generation and how wind/solar collectors work and maybe build a bench top prototype to gain some familiarity with what you are doing. you can find a lot of information on these topics on google.

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