What is Wind power: Definition and 32 Discussions

Wind power or wind energy is the use of wind to provide mechanical power through wind turbines to turn electric generators for electrical power. Wind power is a popular sustainable, renewable energy source that has a much smaller impact on the environment compared to burning fossil fuels.
Wind farms consist of many individual wind turbines, which are connected to the electric power transmission network. Onshore wind is an inexpensive source of electric power, competitive with, or in many places cheaper than, coal or gas plants. Onshore wind farms have a greater visual impact on the landscape than other power stations, as they need to be spread over more land and need to be built in rural areas, which can lead to "industrialization of the countryside" and habitat loss. Offshore wind is steadier and stronger than on land and offshore farms have less visual impact, but construction and maintenance costs are significantly higher. Small onshore wind farms can feed some energy into the grid or provide power to isolated off-grid locations.
Wind power is an intermittent energy source, which cannot be dispatched on demand. Locally, it gives variable power, which is consistent from year to year but varies greatly over shorter time scales. Therefore, it must be used with other power sources to give a reliable supply.
Power-management techniques such as having dispatchable power sources (often gas-fired power plant or hydroelectric power), excess capacity, geographically distributed turbines, exporting and importing power to neighboring areas, grid storage, reducing demand when wind production is low, and curtailing occasional excess wind power, are used to overcome these problems. As the proportion of wind power in a region increases, more conventional power sources are needed to back it up, and the grid may need to be upgraded. Weather forecasting permits the electric-power network to be readied for the predictable variations in production that occur.
In 2019, wind supplied 1430 TWh of electricity, which was 5.3% of worldwide electrical generation, with the global installed wind power capacity reaching more than 651 GW, an increase of 10% over 2018.

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  1. keith0101

    Available Wind Energy Calculation

    For the avaliable power to be harvested in free-streaming wind: P=1/2QU^2_infinite (Q: mass flow rate, U_infinite: velocity of free-streaming wind) And Q is defined as: p x U_infinite x A_d. (p: density of air, A_d: Area of disc) I cannot understand the reason of taking the area of disc, A_d...
  2. T

    Funding from an organization and delay regarding that matter

    I am continuing a personal research about a new kind of wind power generation system by my own and have got partial success. I have found a Switzerland based organization that claimed to assist research and development by individuals like me by funding them. I have contacted them and last May...
  3. A

    B Unlocking the Mystery of Blackbird: Exploring Wind Power Leverage

    I see there has been threads about Blackbird and "Down Wind Faster Than The Wind" operating principle in general, and I see a good number of people (most?) in those threads seemed to pick up some understanding of how it actually works. So that's a good start and gives me hope. I had never heard...
  4. Marco Masi

    How much excess energy goes lost in solar and wind power stations?

    Since solar and wind power are fluctuating energy sources not all of it goes into the grid when the consumer power demand is lower than that actually produced. This is a well-known drawback of solar and wind energy that everyone talks about. What I never found is an assessment of how much of the...
  5. C

    Offshore wind power without subsidy

    News: The cost of offshore wind plant has been falling rapidly and now some projects in Holland are viable without subsidy... https://www.offshorewind.biz/2019/03/13/dutch-powerhouses-reveal-zero-subsidy-offshore-wind-play/
  6. F

    Transformations of Energy in Wind Power

    Homework Statement Choose one form of electrical generation and in point form outline the process through which electricity is generated and the energy transformations that occur. Homework Equations NA The Attempt at a Solution Hi, I am done my work and I used two reliable sources. This...
  7. A

    Optimizing Efficiency: Wind Turbine Blade and Hub Design Tips?

    I'm building a model wind turbine. I'm using thttps://www.vernier.com/products/kidwind/wind-energy/kw-wth3/ as the hub/the base. That's the only kit I'm allowed to use. I'm supposed to decide on the blade size, etc. THE RULES: . Students will will sign up for a time slot and test their own...
  8. R

    Aircraft Propeller Blast velocity while in motion

    I am working on a range extender for full size electric aircraft. It is a turbine located under the cowling, protruding only 8 inches. On my full size static model, the turbine can produce 600 watts with the prop blast v measuring 38 mph. If we could fly the plane (we can't, no wings) at 80...
  9. Jimmerding

    Detanglers for copper wire/power lines - Do they exist?

    Morning all, I am currently designing a VAWT and am working on a contra-rotating turbine, but I am extremely new to electrical engineering as a whole, I just really like the idea of designing something like this as a fun project and possibly being able to benefit from lower power bills as a...
  10. S

    Is there a limit to wind power?

    Is there a limit to the amount of energy which can be extracted from the wind? There are a huge number of windfarms springing up around the world.. all taking energy from the wind. The assumption seems to be that this is limitless and "free". Clearly this is not possible. The question is (I...
  11. D

    Wind Power solutions for High Rise buildings

    For high Rise Buildings,say above 30 floors,wind energy could be too ample to be wasted. So what kind of study has to be carried out in order to know the feasibility of installing Wind turbine above a building? What will determine the power output of this turbine?
  12. 4

    Is Tower Height Crucial for Optimal Wind Power Generation?

    Hi, Why is hight of a wind generators tower so important? Given a 50-meter tower, at what wind 'power class' and at what 'power level' will wind power be considered economical (circa 2005)?
  13. O

    Wind Power Generation Comparison

    Homework Statement Two sites are being considered for wind power generation. In the first site, the wind blows steadily at 7 m/s for 3000 hours per year, whereas the second site the wind blows at 10m/s for 2000 hours per year. Assuming wind velocity is negligible at other times for simplicity...
  14. S

    Maximizing Savings with Solar and Wind Power Generation

    Greetings, I'm seeing programs that allow solar, wind and other types of power generation to be connected to your house (or business) and you are still connected to your grid. The power company meters both - what they provide to you and what your private generation provides. Your power...
  15. F

    Setting up wind power equipment

    I'm a beginner at this but I'm an aspiring student of the electrical field. Electrical engineer, electrician, electronics technician. I like it all. My question is what equipment, other than what I know already, do I need to run as much of my house off of wind power? Wind turbines or...
  16. X

    Help Me Calculate Wind Power in Turbine Shaft!

    I really need help in my undergraduate thesis which focus on wind energy. Goal I want to calculate the amount of Power in the wind turbine shaft, which later used to calculate the efficiency of my wind turbine. Material My wind turbine uses 3-blade household common fan as blade which have...
  17. Y

    Wind Power Vehicle Traveling Down Wind Faster Than The Wind

    There was and still is a hot debate on the matter of a wind power car that travels down the wind faster than the wind. As a part of larger interest in the subject I put the theory for this case, it can be found in my website https://sites.google.com/site/yedidianeumeier/" I welcome your comments
  18. R

    Understanding Wind Power Variability in Crowsnest Pass

    The wind power that is generated using the wind mills in a wind tunnel like the crowsness pass can't be constant. How can the amount of wind be counted on because with gloabl warming maybe wind will not be as often in the future?
  19. G

    Wind Power Generator: Small & Cheap Alternator Suggestions

    Hi, I'm trying to build a vertical wind powered turbine system and I'm have trouble finding a small, cheap generator/alternator to use. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  20. J

    Wind Power Charging: Determining Power Output from Wind Speed

    I am trying to charge a battery using wind power! but i can't seem to find anything telling me how i can determine the power output coming from the generator, when all i know is the wind speed.. i know that the blades on the fan will have to be small but using the right gears with the high speed...
  21. J

    Explain Why Wind Power Works But Permanent Magnet Power Doesn't

    Wind power is a force of nature and it has been used for centuries like for Dutch Windmills. Permanet magnets are a force of nature which through innovation have now been produced so well that they can now hold up to 500 times their own weight. That is a lot of power. The only...
  22. R

    Construct a Wind Power Generator: Determine Rotor Size for 3V & .2W

    I have to construct a wind power generator out of straws. It has to provide no less than 3V and .2W for a period of 1 minute and be able to withstand a horizontal force of 15N. How would I determine what size the rotor would have to be to create this voltage and current from 15N ?
  23. K

    Wind Power Basics: Laws, Principles & Theories

    Homework Statement iam doing an assignment on renewable energy, specifically wind power. basically, i wish to know what are all and any principals, laws and theories that you can think of involved in this system. i just wish to know the names, i can do the research (no matter how difficult or...
  24. D

    Design Ideas for Wind Power Lifter | Manchester Twp.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions or design ideas. I have an idea in mind but outside input and help would be much appreciated. The site that has the project details is http://www.manchestertwp.org/teacher/mths/pwhite/Physics_files/physics%20oly%202006%202007/EVENT%205.mht .
  25. T

    How Does Rotor Diameter Affect Wind Power Output?

    Ok, doing a project at the moment and this is one of the issues I have to overcome; The information I have researched is as follows: If this is the case then a 88m diameter rotor should generate 2400kW? But the below diagram from the same page shows a 80m diameter rotor generates 2500kW...
  26. Ivan Seeking

    Can this satisfy the world's energy needs? High-altitude wind power.

    This has come up a couple of times now, and if true then this needs greater exposure and is certainly worthy of discussion. At a glance, this or some variation on the idea seems most promising. http://www.skywindpower.com/ww/index.htm It seems to me that the energy available in the jet...
  27. H

    Wind Power - Reliable? vs Nuclear? Effect on Grid.

    Could not find a thread on this particular topic, but I want to verify my thoughts. I emailed my local Green Party rep in Canada here regarding his partys take on Nuclear Power. Our particular area of Canada is facing a bit of a situation where more megawatts NEEDS to be available in the...
  28. G01

    Wind Power: Where Does the Energy Come From?

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer this question for me: Where the the energy collected from wind power come from? Now I know that it comes from wind (obviously) but where does the wind get its energy? I was thinking the energy came from the Earth's rotation, and that...
  29. S

    Wind Power Generation: Calculating Output from 30mm Turbine

    I am looking to design a few ‘wind powered’ gadgets, on a very small scale. I am struggling to calculate the power generated from a turbine of about 30mm diameter. I understand that the number of coils surround the armature has an obvious effect on the generation, but was wondering if there was...
  30. A

    How can I build a simple and cost-effective wind power generator?

    Hi everyone, I need to build a wind power generator for a grade 11 physics project, but i dont' want to spend too much money on it. Can anyone tell me a cost-effective way of making a wind power generator that works? Thanks
  31. D

    Wind Power Generator: Does the Temperature of Wind Drop?

    The power generated from the aerogenerator is from the kinetic energy of the wind which pass throught it. So, after the wind passed through the aerogenerator, it's kinetic energy decreases. So, will the temperature of the wind drop after passing through the generator since its kinetic energy is...
  32. M

    Windmill in Space: Solar Wind Power Output Analysis

    How fast could a space based windmill turn when driven by the solar wind? Would such a device produce more or less energy than a solar panel of the same cost?