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Shaft Key Sizing

  1. Apr 12, 2006 #1
    For my Design of Machine Elements class this problem is being posed.
    This is exactly as the problem is stated.

    The torque on the 400mm -diameter shaft connecting the flywheel with the jaw mechanism should never go above 700kN m. Dimension a copper square tapered key so that the shaft is not damaged.

    So really just trying to find the length/width/height of the key.
    I know that the the only stresses on the key are shear and bearing stress.
    Copper Sy=69e6 Pa Su=220e6 Pa

    I am not too sure on where to begin with this (I have started it and went no-where).
    Does anyone have any insight on where to go with this problem?? By the way I am not looking for an answer just general guidance.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank You.
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