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Shaving Help, razor burns and cutting myself

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    I've been shaving for about 5 years or so, but recently I've been having problems. Before I did get shaving rash, but now it's getting worse and I'm also getting razor burns and cutting myself (I'm a man, btw), I also need to shave more regularly now.

    My father never taught me how to shave, and anyway he's no good at it either. Any help would be appreciated.

    I did do a google search first for tips, but websites contradict each other, and some seem to be promoting specific products. For example, most websites say you should use 3 or 4 blades, but I came across one that said one blade is the best.

    Here is how I do it. I shave after my shower, about once every 5 days (until recently, once a week). I put on the shaving gel, wet my razor with warm water, then shave against the grain. I've also read contradictory this about this on the web.

    I start with the neck and under the chin, then the sides, then the chin and lip. Every now and then I clean the razor with warm water. After shaving I put on alcohol-based aftershave (more contradictory reports).

    I use a Gillette disposable razor with 3 blades, which I don't change too often. I did try shaving with the grain, but it leaves stubble everywhere, it just doesn't shave close enough.

    Any help, please?
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    Re: Shaving, Help Please.

    I haven't shaved in a number of years (I long ago decided to embrace the beard) but I used to have to shave quite regularly, every day or every other day. You sound like you're doing everything OK, the only tips I have are to try not shaving against the grain and to use some sort of aftershave balm. Sometimes I used to get razor rash so I would use something like this as opposed to some sort of cologne.
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    Re: Shaving, Help Please.

    Yes, I did try shaving with the grain, but I can never get a close enough shave, I'm always left with stubble.

    And I can't grow my beard. I look terrible with a beard. My hair is quite course, so if I grow a beard I look like a caveman, and it makes me look much older.
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    Re: Shaving, Help Please.

    I suggest using a sensitive skin shaving cream. I use this and shave against the grain and don't have any problems with shaving frequently, I also don't use aftershave as the sensitive skin cream seems to alleviate the need for it.
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    Re: Shaving, Help Please.

    Get single use blades and use them once only.
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    Re: Shaving, Help Please.

    I usually shave each day, in the morning, weekends are exceptions.

    Having sharp blades helps greatly, and they do dull over use. I can notice a difference whenever I get a new blade. I think my razors are 3-4 blades, but I've used the real cheap disposal single blades and been happy.

    I use hot water when shaving, and hold the razor under it for a short while, for a hot blade. Not sure if that matters, but I rinse it under hot water too. Usually shave before shower, and I just use shaving foam and no aftershave stuff.

    I will shave against the grain and then with usually, I agree that against produces a closer shave.

    I never have had many issues with razor burns or cuts/nicks, though I did once remove an appreciable chuck of my chin once, not sure what I was thinking and slid the blade rather hard, and maybe a piece that size of my pinky fingertip was removed. Better then any caffeine in the morning to wake you up.
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    Re: Shaving, Help Please.

    Have you ever tried a shaving machine like Phillips Norelco? I have been using this since and its by far the easiest most efficient way to shave. I had problems with bumps or cuts from shaving in the past and this has definately help in that dicomfort. Also, it can be the possibility that your shaving way to fast or way to slow.

    Hope that helps.

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    shave after/during a shower. The hot water softens everything up and slightly bloats the whiskers with water.
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    Re: Shaving, Help Please.

    This is the only thing that has ever consistently worked for me. None of the fancy, expensive razors (with their various "technologies") have ever done significantly better than the ol' plastic Bic disposables.


    By the way, this is the best shaving cream:

    http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/public/4FLw2Cm950UmqlNRWO2zdMX31Swc06JVL-2Ffw_algQHZpNkpBVlrg6R_Iv58sZsXnoQegFPUnkhXBFfd_9tglrWUBJtGI1Y6jftOcl82tatIRwWhPJHZxQIMhcQqustyXL5UMZCsiQeKKqa [Broken]

    My wife and I both use it. Seriously, ignore the "manly" marketing BS and get some Skintimate. I've been teased before, but I really don't give a ****. The goal is a nice, close shave, not to derive part of my manliness from some shaving cream product. :biggrin:
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    that reminds me of steaks at a local steakhouse. I always order the queen size steak instead of the king size steak. Way over priced per oz on the king size steak.
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    I use an electric shaver, total shaving time = 10 secs, total cuts = 0, even-ness = 1!
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    remaining scruff = 10%?
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    I could shave it down to 8% if I kept at it for a while :p
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    Shave after a shower with hot water to make the whiskers easier to cut. Hot lather machines actually do work, if you want to go that route (on the one hand, you have to buy the machine, but, on the other, you have to buy the cheap shaving cream so the can will fit in the machine).

    Change the blade often. How often depends on your beard - there is no particular standard.

    And, personally, I'd use duct tape before I used one of those Bic Disposables. Those are horrible. I got a box with about 500 of those damn things for free, once, and they weren't worth what I paid for them. I probably still had around 400 left when I gave the box to someone else.
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    I also went the beard route, but didn't used to have too much trouble when I was shaving, back in the day.

    I would experiment, first, with deleting the alcohol aftershave and adopting something soothing. I tried aftershave once or twice and couldn't stand the pain or the smell.
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    Duct tape! :rofl:
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    Other than those of you who shave right after a shower, don't any of the rest of you guys start with washing your face with hot water or holding a washcloth with hot water over your beard before shaving? I've never heard of just slathering shaving gel onto cold whiskers before.

    My boyfriend has sensitive skin and easily gets rashes from shaving, but about a year ago, found a new shaving cream that's unscented and meant for sensitive skin instead, and has not had nearly as much problems as he used to. If he could get the cleaner to listen and not starch his collars, he'd be even better.

    As for number of blades, I can only answer from the female perspective that a single blade seems easier to cut yourself with if you are not skilled with razor handling, but I don't notice enough of a difference between 2 and 5 blades to justify the expense. My guy did get one of those razors with something crazy like 5 blades as a gift, and his face was smoother according to my extensive testing, but not so much so that I'd keep buying the blades for that thing, though he's one of those people who can be clean shaved when he leaves for work and coated in velcro by the time he gets home, so someone who only shaves once a week might be able to handle the expense better.
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    I have shaved without any cream or water, wouldn't recommend it.
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    I once used a 5 bladed razor and while the shave was much more comfortable and softer than using my standard 3 bladed razor, it was nowhere near the same quality. Even shaving against the grain, I would have to do it twice over to get the same result as I do with my 3 bladed razor.
  21. Feb 27, 2012 #20
    I have this problem too. Some people have sensitive skin. All i can say is, change razors frequently, don't press down too much when shaving, and try to moisturize (dry skin can make this problem worse.)
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