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Shear Modulus, Modulus of rigidity

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    Hello lol first post . so I've done an experiment in determining the modulus of rigidity for a bar of an unknown material (torsion experiment). I have been asked to analyse the results, which I still have no idea what that means and find the material with the G value that i have. I've been searching Google and the only material material close enough to my value is about 6.5 GPa off and the tables are usually a small selection of common materials.
    So is there any table available where i can find out the material used in the experiment and can someone explain what i need to do in the analysis since I've described the results in the data section with the table and graphs and calculations.

    Thank you
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    What's the absolute value of G for your material?

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    86.7 GPa ...i do need the source, if you happen to find it. It'd be better if you could refer me so i can feel like i did the work lol
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    Are you sure that you calculated G correctly? Are you sure it's metal?

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    yes i calculated it correctly, with supervision from the lab supervisor. The bar used was indeed metal. the closest to the value I've found is inconel at 79-80 Gpa
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    could not edit my previous reply.
    I found a table with some values of shear modulus and it looks like it is credible but the closest are two materials, steel and nickel. both 83.9 still some way off 86.7. the table is here: http://www.kayelaby.npl.co.uk/general_physics/2_2/2_2_2.html
    I'm just looking to get to the closest i can (best advice i received from supervisor lol)
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    Stainless looks close enough.

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