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Homework Help: Ship Berthing Energy Forces On Piles / Fenders

  1. Apr 11, 2014 #1
    I am looking into the forces as a result of berthing energy from a ship on a pontoon. The situation i am looking at is a simple pontoon of about 10 m long with mono piles on each end.

    I am assuming a ship impacts the pontoon at mid span between the piles.

    The pontoon has fendering on its berthing face that has the potential to deflect 0.2 m as a result of berthing impact.

    My problem which i cannot get my head around is that the formula I am using (See below) gives me a berthing energy in Kn M.

    1 - How can i translate this KN m so as i can get a force so i can then translate these forces into the piles to check that they can resist the load

    2 - How do i calculate the reduction in force as a result of the deflection of the Fenders ?

    The equation i am using for berthing impact is as follows:

    0.5 x Mass x Velocity 2

    My Attempt

    Mass = 5000 kg
    Velocity = 2 m/s

    = 0.5 x 5000 x 2
    = 5000 kg.m

    From this point onwards I cant get my head around how this kg * value will translate into a force.

    Please help !

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    tayre89: The force applied to the pontoon midspan would be, P = m1*(v1^2)/y, where m1 = ship mass, v1 = ship velocity, and y = pontoon deflection. Give it a try.
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