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Other Should I apply to multiple job ads?

  1. Apr 17, 2016 #1
    I am doing my exchange studies in Sweden and have applied to two internship offers at Volvo. However, I've heard that the competition is tough (especially for non-native speakers). Application results are only for the next month.
    Should I apply to other internships/thesis placements across Europe while they are still up for the summer besides the fact that I prefer them less?
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    IMO, yes. Worst case is having to turn down a less preferred offer in favor of a position on your primary list. If you are granted a position at a preferred placement, it may be courteous to withdraw from the other competitions.

    If this part of your educational program and will be monitored for academic credit, your schools Career Counselor team will be part of the process and will guide you best on how to proceed.
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    Yes. You make as many applications as you want. They make any offers that they want. Then you all see who selects who. They are used to being turned down and going to the next applicant.
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    Absolutely. You should look at the chance of getting any competitive position to be very small, because it likely is.
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    Tough competition job is goodo0) You can get trained and learn many from it
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