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I Should I get a new graphing calculator?

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    So I have a TI-84 Plus Silver edition that I've had for 10 years. It's kind of beat up but it works perfectly fine. I know the model has been discontinued in favor of a newer one, and I've already encountered a feature it lacks due to its age (it was something in an introductory stats course, I don't remember anything else). Is it worth getting a new calculator that's more up to date? I'm in Calculus 1 right now and I plan to take pretty much all of the computational math classes and some of the upper division classes as well. Is there a specific type that's good for high level math?
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    Why not use something more powerful like matlab or freemat on a PC or PocketCAS on ipad/iphone or something similar?

    There's also the Desmos calculator online that provides a lot of computing capability.
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    I got a TI Nspire and its pretty sweet. However its not allowed on most tests (CAS version). I also have a TI 84 and its a lot more user friendly for a newb like myself.
    I will say that my buddy who is in his senior year of engineering loves his Nspire. Apparently it does large calculations in a fraction of the time. Keep in mind that if you get the Nspire CAS, it will not be allowed on tests, but the non CAS version will.
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    One of the expected outcomes ScienceMan may have is to be allowed pre-approved device to use in-class, maybe something already approved for possible use on tests and quizes.
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    ...., and we may wonder about which models are allowed to be used on education regulatory tests done at testing-centers.
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    No. You don't need a calculator more than the TI-84 Plus Silver for your classes. Also, these TI calculators probably won't be very useful to you after you finish college since your phone is probably 1000 times more powerful, and you probably will have access to a computer for hard calculations.
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