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Silent(ish) fridges?

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    Which fridges make the least amount of noise? I'm thinking of a smallish one with freezer on top and normal component on the bottom (not a bar fridge).
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    Get a fridge with the highest efficiency rating that you can get, if you can afford it. As sound is simply wasted energy. A more efficient fridge will produce less sound. I have an "A" rating efficient fridge and is almost silent.
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    I haven't bought a fridge in a while, but I know fans (like built-in exhaust fans) have a sone rating, which is a measure of how loud they are. Maybe a PFer will know if fridges have these ratings, too?

    Another place to look is a magazine like Consumer Reports. They would mention if an appliance makes an unusual amount of noise.

    Also, user ratings are another source of information, albeit completely unregulated.
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