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Simple electric energy detectice device for home

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    I'm now in the project research to design a simple low cost and ease installation electric energy detective device.

    My idea is to put the sensor (etc..) in or within distribution board.
    Also the device can alarm consumer if they are using more energy.

    Just want the opinion from you guys about what type of tools that I have to use to design the device if there are expert electrician out there.
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    It would be better and safer if you avoided the actual insides of your consumer unit and did not actually make an electrical contact with the house wiring. Can you think of a way that could be achieved (not wanting to spoon feed anyone).
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    since the device is already in the market, I had done many review about some devices such that related to energy monitoring devices.

    most of the device that in the market divide into 2 group.
    1- device that use wireless connection which is just put the clamp/ sensor to the incoming of the home, then it will transmit all the info to the LCD display. (costly)

    2- the device that just plug in to the socket outlet to detect energy(easy install but not convenient for house that have many outlet)

    My idea is to make simple, low cost and ease installation device.
    the reason that I want to fit into DB is because I want to detect energy use by detect energy use through MCB. so that I can know from which outlet that use more energy.
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    The one in my home has a clamp-on I sensor and a plug-in V sensor / display. There is a wireless link, which would not be strictly necessary if you could choose where to plug in.
    Are you planning to actually build one or just do a paper design?
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    Thanks for your reply sophiecentaur.
    I want to design it as my final year project.
    could you explain how device at your home function?
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    Well, in the spirit of non-spoonfeeding:
    1. How would you detect and measure the current flowing through a wire without 'breaking into it? (Clue, what do currents cause?)
    2. How could you tell the value of Voltage on a wire (without necessarily connecting to it)? (Clue, how would you produce a scaled down version of mains volts?)
    3. If you had a string of samples of both these quantities (digital might make it easier but it could be analogue) how could you find P (=IV)?
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