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Simple Pulley

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    I am building a simple pulley for a weightlifting machine. In most cases pulleys are designed to lift heavier loads easier, I want to actually make it harder to lift the load… So I don't have to put so much weight on the end.

    Can I amend my simple pulley design in a (simple) way to increase the force required to lift the load at the end?

    In my example I want to lift the 50kg load… How would I make it double the load, so it feels like I am lifting 100kg?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    Look at schemes that make a weight easier to lift and interchange the person pulling with the weight being lifted.

    For example, end of rope attached to ceiling. Rope goes under a movable pulley attached to pull-handle and then over a pulley attached to the ceiling and then to a weight attached to the other end of the rope.
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    For instance, look at the drawing

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    Thank-you very much for your replies. Have got a few ideas in mind now about how to make it work.

    Best regards.
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