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Simulink Modelling

  1. Nov 11, 2009 #1
    Hi guys,
    Im a newbie to this site.... I have been wrking on a simulink model of a F1 car for a few days.I wanted to simulate the start of a F1 car from standstill.. I used the following basic concepts:
    1) The engine is revved at say around 11000 .rpm
    2)So when the lights go off, I engage the gears and my throttle is floored...
    3) I use a torque curve from which I get the torque using 'lookup table'. The RPM for the engine lookup table is back calculated fro wheel speed.
    4) This torque is then multiplied in the transmission and finally delivered to the wheels.
    5) My gear shifting logic shifts at 19000 Rpm from 1 to 7... This RPm is determine by back calculating the Wheel speed(wheel speed x gear ratio).. So when this value reaches 19000, the gear shifts....
    6) The simulation kind of works but my engine RPM curve is not correct.
    Since I feed my wheel RPM back to the engine, my engine rpm curve shows RPM rising from 0 t0 19000. But this is wrong because im revving my engine at 11000 RPM. So it should start from 11000 right???
    Im kind of stuck with this. Dont know how to do it rit...
    Hope my explanation is understandable....
    Would appreciate any tips and guidance on this.. Thanks a lot in advance...
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  3. Nov 22, 2009 #2
    Can you post an attachment (screenshot) of your Simulink model?
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