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Single Particle Dynamics in EM Fields.

  1. Mar 23, 2009 #1
    Hello, I am having trouble seeing how to derive the energy equation for a charged particle from the equation of motion.

    The equation of motion is

    [tex]m\frac{d\bar{v}}{dt}=q(\bar{E}+\bar{v} \times \bar{B})[/tex]

    Then in the notes I have it says "projecting the eq. of motion onto the particles velocity vector leads to the particles energy equation:"


    Could someone please take me through the steps inbetween these two equations, or explain what is meant by projecting the equation of motion onto the particles motion please.

    Many Thanks,

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    Dot the first equation with the vector v, and you will get the second equation after performing the time differentiation of 1/2 mv^2.
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    Got it, Thanks :smile:
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