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Singularity Action Group

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    Has anyone seen these people before? They seem a tad naive to me. On the front page is this quote:
    I was under the impression that the Singularity idea did not mean we would know everything, but that our science and tech would be advanced enough that, at some point in the future, we would be able to actualise anything we could think up almost immediately, provided it was possible.

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    I've seen this and other singularity fan sites before. The folks sure have a great ability to suspend disbelief, or even the mildest skepticism, but it's harmless. Nothing they can do will hasten or delay the singularity, if it ever comes at all.

    As originally defined by sf author and computer scientist Vernor Vinge, the singularity was a point in time when rates of technological change went to infinity - or at least way beyond anything that human imagination could deal with. This he thought would be initiated when computers began to freely design and build new computers. By freely I mean by original design rather than just carrying out instructions generated by humans.

    Vinge has had various estimates about when the singularity might occur. I believe his current suggestion is around 2030.
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