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Skin Irritation

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    Okay I have one area with skin irritation...could somebody give advice on how to diminish/destroy the skin irritation? I've heard irritated skin on my hands before from for example washing my hands too much...but that's not a problem anymore...

    anyways thanks
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    neosporen- get it at your local walgreens.
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    Of course the most important thing is to try to identify the cause of the irritation and avoid it (are you allergic to something, or wearing clothing that is chafing, etc.).

    If the skin is broken, yomamma's suggestion of using Neosporin, or any other similar over-the-counter triple antibiotic, will help prevent it from getting infected. If it's just inflamed or itchy, hydrocortisone cream will help. If it's just from dry skin, then a moisturizer might be all you need. If it doesn't get better in a few days, see a doctor.
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    BTW, um, can we/do we get stem cells from cloned embryos?
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