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Sliding Block on incline

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    Please Help, I've asked two physics majors for help now and they can't tell me can anyone be of assistance?

    A block with a mass m=16.5 slides down an inclined plane with a slope angle of 32.7 degress with a constant velocity. It is then projected up the same plane with an initial speed of 4.25 m/s. How far up the incline will the block move before coming to rest?

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    Apparently one is suposed to calculate frictional forces from part 1 of the problem, then apply the result to part 2. One is presumably supposed to assume that the frictional force is independent of velocity, see "kinetic friction" in the link below.

    The rest of the problem is pretty bog-standard, I'm not sure where you are stuck.

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    from 1st part
    uMg cos 32.7= Mgsin 32.7
    u=tan 32.7=0.642
    now for 2nd part
    a=-(o.642 cos 32.7+sin 32.7)g
    s=v square/2a=(4.25)sq./1.08g
    This was a pretty simple one
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    shashank, the general policy is to help the person find the answer through hints or suggestions. Please try and stick to this.

    Solving the problem for them, doesn't help in any way. See pervect's post. If the poster is experiencing difficulty with some part, she (or he) may get that cleared up, by stating specifically where the difficulty is.

    Doing other people's homework for them is not only unfair, but also counterproductive.
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