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Slow Egg

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    Hey my name is Andy and I'm a student at UW-Milwaukee where I'm studying Physics. I have a project right now that I need a little help with. What would you guys do if you had to lower an egg to the ground in the slowest time possible from an approximate hieght of 8ft. It can not exceed 5 min in time.
    Thank you
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    I'd put an elastic bed just onto the ground. Once the egg has fallen on the bed, I'd put it on the ground in the smaller time possible. :biggrin: Gravity plays the rest.
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    A pulley, a second identical egg (or weight), a rope and 2 harnesses and a slow, precise, electric motor, all configured as a standard elevator.
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    A mechanical speed regulator - as the egg drops, it spins a gadget. When the gadget spins slowly, a mechanical brake is disengated. When the gadget spins quickly, a mechancical brake is engaged. Centripetal forces, acting against either a spring or a weight, activate the braking system, so that it can't spin over a certain rate.
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