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Slurry Pump

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    hi guys.

    I need some basic information about a pump that will be able to transport a nickel slurry up around 1-2m high. the mass flow rate of the slurry is 27 kg/s with a density of 1218 kg/m^3. the temperature of the slurry is 25 deg c.

    What is the best type of pump to use in this instance? what sort of power requirement will it have? what does a pump like this cost?

    thanks in advance.
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    U require a medium duty slurry centrifugal pump for your application.
    The most basic reqs to size a pump are flowrate & pressure head.
    In your case FLOWRATE =27kg/s/1218kg/m3 = 0.022m3/s.(79.2m3/hr)
    Your HEAD = 1-2m + (friction head) + discharge pressure (im metres)
    if the discharge line is short and you discharge at atm pressure, your head may come to 10-15m.
    In which case Hydraulic Power reqd = FLOW (m3/s) * Head (Pa) = 0.022 * 10 *1218 *9.8 = 2.7kW
    Place some safety factor (on the motor size ONLY)
    Look at a manf curve book to find the pump meeting your specs.
    The proper way to size slurry pumps however is much more complex than this. U mus consider NPSH, head derating, viscosity, pipe friction etc.
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    thanks for the answer.


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