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Homework Help: Smart house with SMS project

  1. Jun 2, 2009 #1
    Guys i need help here!
    I'm working on Final year project for this year, my project is using a mobile phone just as a Modem to send and receive SMS control by the PC, and the PIC microcontroller is use to control the house system by respond to what the message is detected.
    The PIC microcontroller with be connect to PC by through serial port.

    At this moment i don;t know what type of phone should i use and what type of program should i wear on this project!
    The mobile phone i have at this moment is Iphone 1G,Nokia E65,Sonic ericcson k700 and w850.
    The program i search in web related to this topic is ActiveXpert sms/mms toolkit and SMS client.

    Honestly i'm new in this topic i hope you guys can lead me forward!! Please
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    If it's for this year, isn't it rather late to be spec'ing out your project (being end of semester and everything)? If you mean that it's for your upcoming year, you could use the fact that your house is connected to the Internet. Or, do a Google search for SMS Controller.

    For instance, this page is amongst the first results, and may represent a starting point:

    EDIT: For an embedded solution that doesn't have a cellphone kludged in, look up GPRS modem, or CDMA modem. For instance:
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  4. Jun 3, 2009 #3
    Thx for your reply and suggestion i will look through on it. The project is for this year means that i must complete it before the end of this year
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