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So Confused trying to visualize

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    When has a charged particle have an electric field or a magnetic field, or do they have them at the same time?

    Do the fields overlap and im thinking both the fields have the same structure?

    And is the electric field density and magnetic field density the exchange particles ie, photons flowing around the magnetic field lines in the 3 dimensions?

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    Static (non-moving) electric charges have static (non-moving) electric fields and no magnetic field.

    As soon as the charge moves, the electric field begins to change. Whenever an electric field is changing, the magnetic field is no longer zero.

    - Warren
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    A stationary charge has only electric field , it is only due to moving charges that Magnetic field is setup in the form of closed loops.

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    Thank you so much guys!! Thats brilliant now I can get back to work!! Thanks
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