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So, what are all the known paradoxs in Astronomy?

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    So, what are all the known paradox's in Astronomy?
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    Re: Paradox's

    What do you mean by paradox? Do you mean unresolved problems, or things like the 'twin paradox' which is perfectly well understood, but counter-intuitive at first?
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    Re: Paradox's

    Good question, I was thinking along the lines of paradox's such as unanswered questions
    Olber's paradox and Foucault's Pendulum during an eclipse, so I guess they wouldn't nesecarily be paradox's. but I'm also interested in actual paradox's like the twin paradox. have there been any posts in the past covering these twho items?
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    Re: Paradox's

    I don't think there are any paradoxes. Unanswered questions are unanswered questions - not paradoxes.
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