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Solar panels - Direct charging and battery life

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    Dear Experts

    There are solar charging devices in the market for electronic devices.

    These contain some electronics which I suppose is to regulate the power or as controller.

    Lets say I have a 6 volts device and I have a solar panel rated at 6v.

    If without any electronic controller, I just hook up the panel to the device, will this sort of what i call 'direct' charging affect the device's battery life? If so, in what way ?

    Thank you for reading my post.

    I wish you a nice weekend.

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    It depends on the current that is produced, as you might expect. A small solar panel is unlikely to damage a car battery, for example.

    However, directly connecting a solar panel to a battery is not a good idea because the solar panel can draw current from the battery during the night.
    A diode or some other method of stopping this reverse current is usually added. Your controller would already include this.
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    Thanks so much Vk6kro!
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