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Solve for Alpha

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    i have this equation. While working on a problem i came across this. I need to solve for alpha. I cant seem to get anywere. I tried the problem two ways and end up havin the same problem so any help be appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Solve for alpha

    M/rF = Sin(alpha)Cos(theta) + Sin(theta)Cos(alpha)

    (this is as far as i would get than get stuck
    i no the value for M,r,F,theta. Need to find alpha
    thanks a lot
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    [itex]\sin (a+b) = \sin a \cos b + \cos a \sin b[/itex]
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    got it
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    Here's a wild idea :approve:

    [tex] \arcsin(\frac{M}{rF}) = \theta + \alpha [/tex]

    Edit: Oh damn, just when i was typing it :frown:
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