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Homework Help: Some questions on photons

  1. Aug 1, 2006 #1
    1. If a single electron was accelerated only once (in one direction) and single photon was emited, what is than the frequency of this photon?

    2. If a single electron was accelerated many times with the frequency 'f' and a EM wave was emited, is the energy spectrum of this oscilator a blackbody radiation with the maximum at 'f'?
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    i also have some things to add:

    1. how does the electron emit a photon, assuming it is a free electron?

    2. how is the electron accelerated subsequently, as such an action changes the electron's path everytime it is accelerated again?

    by frequency, i presume it is that of the de broglie wavelength of the electron?

    from what i know, the black-body radiation law applies to macroscopical objects and thus not the electron. i've read somewhere that it says EM waves are propagated at the same frequency of the accelerating charged particle, im not sure if it applies to the (free) electron.
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