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Sourcing cryogenic finger

  1. Apr 3, 2016 #1

    I have a high vacuum chamber, where I would like to feed a cryogenic finger through. The finger is to be mounted on top of the chamber (flange is parallel to floor), and the flange is a 4.5" Conflat type.

    I have a few options, and want to know how best to proceed.

    1) I have an existing dewar, which has a non-standard flange. I can modify this dewar, but to make the dewar connect to the conflat will need some custom high-vacuum parts made by an external company. This is expensive and very time consuming.

    2) I can buy a right-angle LN2 cold trap with NW/KF fittings, and then seal off one of the fittings. I can find someone (not sure where) to weld/braze a mechanical attachment to the base of the dewar, which I can use to fit my own custom cryogenic finger

    3) I would like to just BUY a finger that is the right length, and doesn't have any bells and whistles (eg heaters for temperature control, thermocouples, etc). The problem here is I can't seem to find anyone who will sell such an item.

    Does anyone have any better suggestions? The finger needs to be about 30cm long.

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