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Space group notation and related point groups

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    I'm looking at the space group #55, Pbam.

    In the top of the file (see below) it has listed:

    Pbam D^9_2h mmm Orthorhombic

    Is this saying that Pbam is consistent with point group mmm?

    It does not have three mirrors, it has two glide plane and one mirror.

    If I look at the space group, I see that it can create a crystal that has C2h but not D2h.

    Am I missing something? Is the "D^9_2h mmm" in the table telling me something other than the point group -- if so, what?

    http://it.iucr.org/Ab/ch7o1v0001/sgtable7o1o055.pdf [Broken]

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    What are energy band structures in solids?
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    What are the 10 irreducible representations of the point group for gama in fcc structure?
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