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Space may be an illusion?

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    1. Why has some physicists who floated the idea that space may be an illusion? What does it mean? This confused me a lot

    2. The observer effect and the "wave function collapse" do apply to the macro world? There are videos that say 'we are doing it all the time and we are creating matter at every moment that we 'observe' things, and every moment we do it, we make it real..

    If possible, I want a clear answer on these two issues, because I'm lost, and I am a non-physicist who unintentionally ended up reading those things.

    Sources: (Space Illusion)
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    "Some physicists" is not a valid citation. Who said it and exactly what did they say? It's possible you misunderstood them.

    The technical name for this concept is "horse manure"

    There is nothing to worry about.
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    You're a non-physicist, but so are the people who write those articles. Thus, there's no particular reason to think that you're reading an accurate summary of the actual science involved. This is one of the reasons for the PF rule about acceptable sources.
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    I just wanted to know about the "observer effect", it really has an effect on the macro world? And about the space.. It confused me a bit, I'm kinda interested in science.. and I don't want to sound ignorant about physics in my future

    I wanted to clarify these things, because I see that the source of several videos always talk about the 'observer effect', "creating reality", trying to prove that "God" looks at things and makes them real, or that we ourselves do it everytime we look ..
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    There IS no such "observer effect". Which part of "horse manure" did you not believe? This is nonsense, and it is a misunderstanding of one of several "interpretations" of Quantum Mechanics (the Copenhagen Interpretation) The underlying math of QM does not say things like "the moon isn't there when you aren't looking at it". We do NOT create reality and there is no god required to do so either. I don't know how to make it any more plain than that.
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    So why do we still have people who insists on it? I see many videos on youtube (2015) about it and many people still use this "observer effect" as evidence..
    I mean, some smart physicist could explain this on youtube, to debunk all those charlatans.
    Now I know It's BS, but there are people who doesn't, and I can imagine in the future people using these things as "proofs" to religion, "God", "thoughts creating reality" and .. etc ..
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    People like Deepak Chopra do not WANT to be "debunked". They laugh about their ignorance all the way to the bank.

    Serious physicists don't spend a lot of time worrying about the fruitcakes or arguing about religion; there just isn't any point.
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    We still have people who insist that the earth is flat. The mere fact that people insist on something is not an indication that it is correct or well founded in any way.

    All we can do here is to tell you that it is wrong. The correct concepts are the topic of relativity and quantum mechanics. So you will have to be a little more specific in your question. The non specific answer literally takes multiple textbooks.

    Please post any specific question in a new thread. This one is closed.
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